Father's Day

Here's our hero, doing what he does best circa 2010 when the twins were just a week old.
Photo - Little Love Photography

So my husband is the man of the house today and rightfully so on this Father's Day. He is our hero and the kids worship and celebrate him everyday so technically it's like Father's Day all year round for him. Sadly I cannot say the same about myself as someone has to be the bad cop and it ain't him. In our home, we treat celebrities just like everyone else, so he is still responsible for 'Spag Bol Sunday', it's business as usual here. Yes, of course he got a sleep-in pass, even bad cops have compassion!

We feel like the luckiest bunch on earth as we couldn't have done anything to deserve such a beautiful soul in our lives, he really is our everything; friend, husband, father.

Wishing all the men out there ' Happy Father's Day' - even if you do not have children of your own, there are people all around you that you are positively impacting, people that look to you as their hero and we salute you! Finally to my own dad who has given me every opportunity in life to excel, thank you for giving me the spirit of tenacity to 'just do it' in life.

"Don't think too much, just do" love Dad.