A special Mother's Day Interview with Kate Oliver

I stumbled across Kate Oliver's Instagram account almost two years ago now and have been following her honest, raw, funny and exceptionally creative journey and just like most of her 57.9k followers (amazing!), have connected with her images and story one way or another.  Trust me, if there's only 1 more account you have allowed yourself to follow before exceeding your annual instagram stalk-a-page quota, it is her account!

Did I not say - Sound of Music? Image by Kate Oliver
This amazing landscape captured by Kate Oliver. Did I not say 'Sound of Music?' Harper, Finn and Pascal on another adventure


I thoroughly enjoy how Kate documents her day-to-day adventure often with her 3 spirited boys Harper, Finn and Pascal. Amongst her clever baking creations, tips on how to make natural deodorant and her ability to take you on a little escape to her beautiful hometown of Bellingen (must see images of 'Sound of music' picnic trips to the mountain),  Kate also shares some of the struggles she faces as a mother to 3 no less, but especially with Finn, her middle son who is going through delayed development in speech and understanding. Behind all the beautiful imagery, there is depth, encouragement and positivity in her words.


Keratin Krew Bandit by Kate Oliver
Keratin Krew Bandit by Kate Oliver


Kate's creativity has also been a source of inspiration and entertainment to many. She documents some of her ridiculously clever dress-ups with her littlest Pascal over at Rock That Nap (#whentheoliversrockthatnap) and have recently started another hash tag #CreatedWithKate where she puts together beautiful floral creations complete with a blank space and shares it with her followers so that they can use the image(s) and personalise it. Creative, clever and generous!

With Mother's Day coming up, Kate has graciously taken some time to give us a little insight to herself and motherhood!


What has motherhood taught you?
There's many different angles and ways you could answer with this question. But I'm going to say I've realised how strong I am. Since becoming a Mother I've been thrown a lot, had to deal with more than the average Mother and I've somehow stayed out of the loony bin, so I'm winning! And I'll add that I've learnt lots of patience!


L - R : Pascal , Harper and Finn Image by Kate Oliver



If you had a daughter, what would you likely name her?
Oh, so hard. Because I've had girls names in the past and obviously didn't end up using them and now I don't like them anymore. I'm really stumped and can't think of any I particular like. Hah, sorry!

Household favourite dish of yours?
I make the yummiest lamb, rosemary and red wine pot pies. My husband and I loved it before we had kids and it's awesome that all our boys now love it too.

Processed with VSCOcam with n1 preset
I never knew motherhood could be so challenging, rewarding, exhausting, fun, hard, fulfilling, stressful, easy, testing, joyful and amazing. All of those things at times and more - Kate

Nanny or cleaner?
Why do I have to choose?! Both would be great!  As much as I don't like cleaning, I think I'd choose Nanny because I really don't ever get much time to myself, I don't get much 'me' time. I don't have family that can take the boys, so it's rare for me to get a break. I feel I'm on my own a lot and being a full time Mother makes it hard, especially with 3 boisterous boys.
The best ' Man Cave' you ever did see! Image by Kate Oliver
The best ' Man Cave' you ever did see! Image by Kate Oliver
What is the hardest part of being a mum?
Definitely the hardest part has been the struggles with my middle son Finn having delayed development. So he's behind in speech and understanding. Ever since he turned one it's been a really hard journey. Of course there are many hard elements to motherhood. But this has been my greatest struggle and has changed our lives, life has been so much harder. He is a lot easier these days as he can communicate better, but there were times where we couldn't leave the house because Finn was too intense. It was all so hard and overwhelming, constant screaming, tantrums that went for hours, so even getting out of bed at times felt too hard for me. We have some rough days now, but in general life is getting easier (slowly!).
If you were granted a trip anywhere, where would you like to visit and why?
Honestly, I think I'd love to go to America and visit all my IG friends over there! As much as it would be lovely to go somewhere relaxing and picturesque, it would be so great to really meet up and connect with so many people I've gotten to know over the last few years. People I've grown to love so it would be so special to actually physically meet them and hang out and connect on a deeper level. Plus I could fulfil my childhood dream of going to Disneyland! hehe

Your favourite #rockthatnap picture would be ...


The Love Bandit by Kate Oliver
After looking at all of them I really love 'Love Bandit'. It's not that clever but it still makes me giggle and he looks so tough and cute.
Mummified by toilet paper by Kate Oliver
The longest time you took to prepare for a #rockthatnap picture would be ...

I think that would have to be 'The Mummy', after carefully wrapping him, every time he'd flinch the toilet paper would tear and I'd have to re-patch him! It took a while! 

What is the best part of being a mum?
The whole journey of motherhood really is amazing. At this stage in my life and their age I'm going to be selfish and say lots of kisses and cuddles! It's just the best. I know it won't be long and they won't want to do that, especially being boys and one day becoming 'too cool' for me. My love language is affection, so I just adore having my boys wanting lots of cuddles and kisses. I'm so lucky that my youngest is super affection, it's so sweet.

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